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Mommy of the Moment!!


I love doing Mommy of the Moment!  This summer has been a whirl and I have so much I want to share with you all when life slows down. Mommy of the Moment allows me to take time to slow down and write and shout out awesome women doing what they do best!

Today the mommy I want to highlight is…

Brandi Marie!



Brandi is just a powerhouse and I am in awe at how she juggles it all! Brandi is the mommy to the handsome and smart Chase who will be starting Kindergarten this year!  Not only has Brandi served in the Military, she also has been a force to reckon with in corporate America, with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Brandi not only kicks butt as an amazing mom, she also kicks butt as an entrepreneur who runs two businesses!  Brandi we salute you on so many different levels!

Oh yeah! Did I mention she also hosts women’s empowerment workshops as well!  I had the pleasure of being a vendor and guest at one of her workshops titled The #Selflove Series. The #Selflove Series was such a great event and  really empowered everyone in attendande. We discussed beauty, finances, health and so much more! I was so happy to attend as a vendor and came home feeling rejuvenated and was able to think about things in my life with a fresh perspective.

Brandi runs Creatively B Marie and Yours Truly Event Planning.  Here is a little blurb from her websites with more information!

These are links click them!! : )

Creatively BMarie was born after an influx of custom requests from clients with the Designer, Brandi Rogers, through her event planning company. Insert shameless plug here: @yourstrulyep!  From there, the brand has FLOURISHED into something beyond the imagination, and requests have been non-stop. At Creatively BMarie, we believe in quality, compassion, and care for each client, as we understand how it impacts every their brand and vision. The term Brand Yourself comes from the deeply rooted belief and understanding that your brand and image is key for success. As you embark upon the journey of your next event or business endeavor, consider CBM to help you along the way. Specializing in custom chic logos and business branding tools, as well as custom treat bags and event products, we are certain that we can help you create something amazing.

Yours Truly Event Planning specializes in social events and workshops  that bring people together, but we don’t call ourselves full service for nothing! There is no challenge we aren’t willing to take on, as we aim to be the premier event planning company in the area. From conferences to baby showers, we can accommodate your needs accordingly.

I know first hand how awesome of an event planner Brandi is. Brandi helped so much with our launch party for Pretty as Porcelain, she was so great to work with! If it meant she had to make prize bags, decorate the space, or just keep me from freaking out she did it! She kept us on task and organized and we all had a great time.



I love throwing and hosting events and she managed to take on all of the parts of planning events that I don’t enjoy. Organizing, scheduling, cleaning, calling venues and budgeting. ( I just like to make things LOOK pretty. )

Brandi keep up the amazing work and I can not wait to see all that you do!

If you know anyone in need of graphic Design services or Party Planning Services please check our Brandi Marie!




American Dream What it means for this Millennial Mom.

I stumbled across another depressing article filled with statistics on what its like to be a young adult today. Millennials have it pretty rough.  According to this article on CNBC 46% of millennial have NO SAVINGS! This isn’t a blog post of me offering advice on how to save money. This is an I am frustrated post.

I think it’s terrible that being a millennial is synonymous with little to no savings. Pretty confusing healthcare. Very little home ownership and staggering amounts of student debt.  As a millennial mommy I cope with these depressing facts through funny memes,  gifs, a pinch of denial and to hoping just  that one day a wizard will come down erase my student debt and provide a job that pays a livable salary and dare I say it offer… A work life balance… 

But let me stop because now I am being a whiny millennial who has the nerve to feel  entitled to be able to pay all her bills, have affordable healthcare, a quality education for her son,  dare I say it save money!

I really don’t want to come across as whiny, but it’s so frustrating when you don’t know what the hell is going on anymore in the world  and all you want to do is get your life together!!

I know that I am doing whatever I can for myself and my family to ensure we will have a comfortable future.  It means taking conflicting advice, just winging it and hoping that the future will be better for us and our children. I don’t want to sound too bleak, I do know that we are going to be alright, this has to be and will be resolved. Millennial’s will never live in squalor, we wouldn’t let that happen to each other.  Although I will admit at times the journey has been frightening.

I say this because I really hope that I have my shot at the “American Dream”.  I should. I have earned it. Sometimes it’s just hard and it can be tiring. I hope my work is not in vain. That’s the scary part.  I just want what everyone else before me was able to get especially since most of it was built on my ancestors backs.



Show Me the Money!!

I have been obsessed with money lately.

I am definitely a tad behind when it comes to being financially literate. I grew up middle class and then went on to experience times of poverty as a teenager and young adult. Experiencing poverty and lack of knowledge about money can have lasting effects that may take years to correct.

Poverty comes with a lot of bad habits.  For years I was under the impression paydays were for nice dinners and buying cute clothes. I didn’t really think about saving for the future. Let alone investing my money.

As I grow older I am learning so much about poverty, I am learning that as a first generation college student, a mother and as a black woman many of the ways I have been told to build wealth are not designed for me. Although well meaning the person who has never experienced  poverty  can not fully and successfully teach someone how to escape poverty. Recently I have been listening to some great podcasts, reading blogs and attending workshops about finances and financial literacy. I am gaining valuable information but often I feel as if the well meaning advice and information skips right over me. It feels as if I walked into class and realized I missed the first 3 weeks.

So much of what has opened my mind to increasing  generational wealth is because I am surrounded by great people and am embracing the power of community. I am also  part of an amazing group called Warrior Moms. Warrior Moms was founded by author, hairstylist and visionary Nicole Lee. You can learn more about the warrior mom’s here. Warrior mom’s mission is simple; that all single mom’s embrace a mindset for success and let me tell ya it is working, I finally feel like I am starting to put together a plan to help build wealth for my family and I know that it’s because I have found a community that can relate to and is  dedicated to the improvement of the lives of its members. Warrior mom’s has connected me to so many organizations that seem to just get it!

Recently we have been working with FII.  Heres a little bit about FII and what their goals are.

“Over the next four years, we will work with community based organizations and other partners to reach 1,000 families in multiple neighborhoods across Greater Cincinnati.  By trusting and investing in families own solutions we expect our families to see economic and social mobility. On average nationally, during two years of engagement with FII, families report: a 23 percent increase in monthly income, 60 percent decrease in subsidies such as TANF and SNAP, a doubling of their annual income and assets, and increased education outcomes from their children.”

FII helps you achieve your goals! As long as you are working towards your goals FII will help you take that next step, whether it be owning a home or starting a business, whatever will help your family grow, FII is there to help you and your family acheive goals no matter how big or small.

Being involved with these amazing groups  got me too thinking about some of the ways I believe I could help myself and others get started on a path of building community and generational wealth. Before we begin to heal generational poverty there are some things we need to do and remember.

  1. Learn to embrace our talents and use them to make money..
  2. Support your community.
  3. Bridge the gap. We have to acknowledge that there are REAL systems in place that have been in place for years to keep people (COUGH!! UM MINORITIES!)  poor. Without acknowledging that their will be no progress.
  4. If you know it all share it. Don’t keep it a secret share the knowledge.
  5. Stop acting like you know it all. Its great if you do, but let’s stop spreading false information.
  6. More help. Less Ego.
  7. Don’t let your success be the reason to be snooty.
  8. Support Black owned businesses! But REALLY. SUPPORT LOCAL AND BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES! ( We love to give a reason why we won’t support or will no longer support a black owned business, whether it is due to a lack of professionalism, timeliness or whatever, we shut them down before they even have had a chance. I get it no one likes rudeness or unprofessionalism  but if we will go back to other places of business after a poor experience lets give our people second chances and some constructive feedback. Then lets see what happens.
  9. No one likes to be broke (Well I have never met anyone who likes being broke) so rather than thinking about how little they have lets learn ways to encourage individuals out of the mindset of remaining in poverty.
  10. There is power in community and friendships.
  11. We have to start making our own way.
  12. Create multiple streams of income.

Lets help lift one another up, if you know anyone or an organization that is dedicated to helping break the poverty chain. Please comment the individual or organization so that we can start sharing the knowledge. What are some of your ways to build wealth?  What would you add to this list?


Check out the book born on Third Base by Chuck Collins, Chuck recently spoke at a Warrior Mom workshop and shared his experience of being born into wealth and the decision to give it away, Chuck is dedicated to tackling income inequality in the U.S.

And my featured image is also a shirt you can find on Amazon!