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Mommy of the Moment

The Mommy of the Moment is…

Julia B.!!



Julia is filled with such great energy, she is charismatic and I want her to have her own talk show one day. ( It’s gonna happen!) Julia is a fellow Warrior Mom who is talented in so many different areas. Julia is mother to 5 amazing children who have all inherited her talent in some way shape or form.  Julia had her oldest daughter at a young age and one of the many reasons I wanted to feature Julia in Mommy of the Moment is because her story is so powerful.   Having children at a young age can be extremely daunting for the strongest person.  Well Julia CRUSHED IT. Julia does not fit into any mold that society would have liked to fit her into.  This mommies family consist of students who have been given full ride scholarships to college, entrepreneurs and are some of the nicest and most positive people I have met.  Julia is living proof that moms can and we will persevere through anything, and that we will make it happen!!

Julia is an esthetician by trade who also owns B.YOUnique Soulistic Healing Center. You can visit her website here. B.YOUnique opened its doors in 2004 with the purpose of encouraging all to embrace ones authentic self that is reflected in her motto “be you, be true, B.YOUnique. Below is B.Younique’s Manifesto.






B.YOUnique Soulistic Healing Center offers body butters, fragrance oils and so much more!

I am in love with her products, I purchased a body butter/ lotion for my son and I who have the driest skin and our skin has never felt better.

So spread the word! Shop her store and support this Mommy of the Moment!






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Mommy Guilt and Not Spoiling the Child. Help!

“But what will you do??”   “Don’t hold the baby too much! You’re going to spoil him!” “Don’t just let him cry! You will stress him!” “Oh you work? Well who watches the baby?” “Oh that has got to be so hard to be away from him!”

Those kind of questions and statements can really mess with your head, because it begins to turn into Mommy Guilt. Which I had really badly when Aviry was a baby.

I will admit I often care too much about what people think of me. (I’m still growing y’all) What I end up doing at times is I OVER COMPENSATE for everything. I buy toys for Aviry because I feel guilty about not having my life in perfect order before he was born. I allow wiggle room that otherwise wouldn’t be given to him because I felt bad I had to work AND do homework. Little things start to slide. “Go ahead Aviry watch one more Episode. Have another cookie. Sure only 10 more minutes.”

We are entering a phase of  Aviry not completely understanding that everything we provide for him has LITERALLY been through hard work, sweat and at times many, many tears. At 9 I don’t expect him to understand this but I struggle with this situation.  How do you keep your child balanced in today’s world?  I want Aviry to understand hard work and appreciate what he has,  yet as a child I remember what struggling financially felt like and IT SUCKED. I don’t want Aviry to feel that. I learned very early on the importance of hard work and it has helped me tremendously in adult hood. Aviry is such a smart and amazing kid, I don’t want him to misunderstand the importance of hard work, or hinder him because of what he has or doesn’t have.

Parenting is just this constant journey where each day, week or minute can change. One day I feel like Super mom and the next I’m confused as ever. I’m not worried I know that Aviry will be just fine but any pointer or tips are always appreciated!

How do you teach hard work and instill passion into your children? What tips do you have for me as a mom who tends to over compensate?




The Most Mom Things I Have to Say.

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope your Mother’s Day was relaxing, peaceful, fun or whatever you wanted your Mother’s Day to be. I hope that it was!

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to share my list of “momisms”. The most mom things I say on a daily basis or things I do just because I’m a mom. What are your momism’s?

  • I showed up at the parent transition night at my sons school dressed like all of the moms jeans chuck and a T-shirt (this whole time I thought I was the only cool mom!)
  • Walking to the bus stop in pajamas.
  • Don’t use the bathroom outside!
  • Sometimes life isn’t fair kiddo
  • I love you
  • I am so proud of you.
  • Eat all of your food.
  • Don’t pull apart your green beans please.
  • Where are your shoes!?
  • Excuse me what was that?
  • No it’s time to get off of the game now!
  • It’s gonna be ok.
  • Homework isn’t an option.
  • Can you please just smile in this picture??
  • You’re so silly!
  • You’re so smart!
  • I don’t mind if your box fort take over your entire room, but you still need to clean it!
  • Yes it’s bedtime.
  • Didn’t I just say you need to take a shower?
  • Brush your teeth!
  • Here let me show you.
  • No I would rather not eat a booger than smell a fart. Lol.
  • Good morning Honey Bee.
  • Good night my love.
  • Yes school is important.
  • Have a great day!
  • Be your best.
  • Be kind.
  • You’re funny!
  • Shhh don’t tell them how old I am!

This list could go on for days!

I’d love to hear your momisms!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


28 Reasons I Love Being a Mom!

  1. Aviry has a real world view of adulthood. I’m still learning to adult. (I think we all are) Although this leads to many teachable moments.
  2. I have a lot of energy.
  3. I work harder than I ever would have on my own.
  4. I had to learn how to cook tasty and nutritious meals.
  5. Kids movies are pretty awesome.
  6. Aviry is funny!
  7. When you see your child do something or say something that lets you know you are raising an awesome human being.
  8. I will forever have an ongoing education because I have to help with homework.
  9. I am responsible for someone else’s laundry. So I have to do mine.
  10. The feeling of loving someone so much you can literally feel it in your heart and soul.
  11. Because I’m a millennial mom. When Aviry is up at night not feeling well you can barely tell with the fancy concealers we have on the market.
  12. I love watching him learn.
  13. The joy of watching Aviry persevere.
  14. When your kid does something inappropriate, but, its hilarious.
  15. Watching the dogs and Aviry fight over who will run the pack
  16. I have grown in my ability to smell a rat.
  17. I have so much grit.
  18. I can say I taught someone how to ride a bike.
  19. I am raising an awesome human being.
  20. To see your sense of humor in someone else.
  21. I get the best hugs and kisses.
  22. The smile when he is rewarded.
  23. The smile he has when he accomplishes something.
  24. The moment you realize you weren’t just waisting your breath.
  25. Seeing his imagination soar.
  26. Knowing you made a good looking kid,
  27. I get the best hugs.
  28. I know that this list is infinite.


Happy Friday!


Proud Mama!

I have to say I am so PROUD of my Aviry.

He has only one “C” on his report card!

Aviry is growing as a student and I am so proud of him.

To be brief Aviry was in a classroom environment where he felt disliked and ignored. Eventually after many conferences the teachers and I got to learn and appreciate one another.

This was not an easy task at all. During that time I felt ignored and left out by the teachers in his class. I felt judged. I felt Aviry was unfairly judged.

I had wondered did other parents feel this way? Am I doing this parent/teacher relationship thing right?

I should have spoken up. I could have but that’s something I struggle with.

Not one of the teachers knew we had been staying in a hotel the first 3 weeks of the school year. We had just experienced an apartment fire. We were fine our belongings were fine but it was a few days before we could gather our belongings. Suddenly we were moving to a new apartment on a different side of town and a much longer morning commute.

It was a lot going on. It was a lot for me and I know it had an effect on Avirys grades.

On top of that I was in school and working part time. I was stretched pretty thin.

I had wished for more support from the teachers. I wanted them to take a moment to get to know us.

Eventually they did. They began to take us seriously when they saw the progression in Aviry. We chose to hire Aviry a tutor through Club Z tutoring and we began changing our habits at home and following a routine It really helped Aviry. It gave him confidence. His grades went up and he worked so hard!

I’m proud to see that my son is determined and able to set goals and achieve them.

I know Aviry will accomplish everything he sets his mind too. I pray he is happy, healthy and able to achieve whatever is in his heart.

It just feels good to know that I think I’m getting the hang of this Mom thing. ; )


Little Passports!!

I am so excited to share with you Little Passports.

Aviry was gifted this awesome subscription service through his Grandma for Christmas. Aviry was gifted the Science Expeditions Kit. 

We received the first kit in January and were very excited to start learning about forensic science. The first kit included. A fingerprint experiment, DNA Extraction and Spatter Studies! Cool!

Each kit so far has had 3 experiments. We have only done one experiment from our January kit. Which was us taking our fingerprints and examining our similarities and differences.

February’s kit was about Aero-Dynamics! Aviry was so excited about this kit! The first experiment we did was the Ball Launcher! These kits are great for little ones. The instructions are easy to follow and Aviry only needed my help one time. Aviry was so excited to begin the next experiment which was making a hovercraft, I was pretty impressed. The experiments are fun and its so nice to see the fruit of your labor.

He can not wait to try to build the Mini Rocket Launcher!

I love how each month is a surprise for Aviry. He LOVES getting mail and Aviry is an iKid who loves technology. He thinks all of the experiments are so cool! He also likes to see the improvement in the experiment after he does it again.

We are so excited to have enrolled in this exciting subscription service. I will keep you all updated on our experiments and videos!







Aviry has just turned 9 a little over a week ago I can’ t believe it,  I like to post twice a week, but with a new job and a birthday to plan I have been a tad busy. 

It seems like just the other day I was scrambling around like a chicken with my head cut off to pull off the “perfect” party for a 1 year old. ( Word of advice to all the mommies out there, DON’T GO CRAZY FOR A PARTY YOUR CHILD WON’T REMEMBER!)  Also if you are anything like me I know you won’t take that advice, but I do wish I would have dialed his party back some. It was a lot of pressure for a person who had never thrown a birthday party for a one year old. 

So in the spirit of having a 9 year old! I will share a few great places to take your littles ones, and some tips to get you through the chaos that are children’s parties!

I am a huge fan of having parties at a venue, the cleanup is minimum and its nice to try a new place. Living in Cincinnati we have had some amazing parties at a variety of locations some of our favorites are listed below.

  1. Scene 75 – Scene75 is your place to go for FUN! With more than 10 attractions, 120 arcade games, full bar & food options, Scene75 has something to do for all ages! Not only is each Scene75 one of the LARGEST indoor entertainment centers in the country, but it also was recently awarded #1 Entertainment Center in NORTH AMERICA by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. We’re not kidding around about being the best spot for a celebration or day of fun. Now that Aviry is older Scene 75 allows Aviry and his friends to pick their own activities which he loves! (Scene 75 is also great for a date night!)
  2. Sky Zone- I love Skyzone. I had a fear of trampolines growing up and SkyZone definitely allows me to be a kid again I feel so free jumping!! Oh wait… This is about Aviry.  Aviry thinks Skyzone is one of the most “awesomeness” places ever! Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. They are the inventors of “fun fitness” and the makers of trampolines as far as the eye can see. They have been voted the number one out-of-the box workout, the best birthday party ever and best indoor family fun day. Experience WOW – the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.
  3. The Cincinnati Zoo- Having a winter baby can make party options limited. When a dear friend of mine discovered the Cincinnati Zoo has birthday parties, I was very excited to celebrate Aviry’s Birthday there!  We celebrated his party a few years ago and I am pleased to say the packages are even better now than they were before. Packages include activities for the little ones, Animal viewings and admission to the zoo for your guest. 

Home Parties

Home parties always remind me of my childhood. For a few hours I don’t mind children everywhere and cupcake frosting on the walls!

Listed below are a few  suggestions on having an at home party with ease. 

  1. Have everything done beforehand. No Last minute runs to get candles, or plates. The more organized you are prior to the party the better! Lists are your friend! Also you can find great decoration kits online!
  2. Have a schedule for your party, and stick to it. I learned this valuable piece of information from my friend Brandi at Yours Truly Event Planning. She helped me plan an event recently and was a stickler about scheduling and it really helped the flow of the event. I am adding her tip to my rule book!
  3. Enlist help! I am super fortunate to have close friends with children who are around the same age and they are the best helpers! From decorating to cleaning up. I know my girls have my back.
  4. Try to avoid candy with wrappers and gum. ( You will thank me later.)

What are some of your suggestions for a stress free Birthday Party at home?