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Mommy of the Moment!

When I created this blog, I wanted to showcase just how awesome mom's are. Whether a single mom, married mom, a young mom, or an old mom we are required to literally kick ass every single day.   Each week I will pick a mom ( Or you will suggest a mom) for me to share… Continue reading Mommy of the Moment!


Show Me the Money!!

I have been obsessed with money lately. I am definitely a tad behind when it comes to being financially literate. I grew up middle class and then went on to experience times of poverty as a teenager and young adult. Experiencing poverty and lack of knowledge about money can have lasting effects that may take… Continue reading Show Me the Money!!


What Would I be Without you?

More than a Baby Mama is not just about the struggles! (everybody got em!)  This blog is also about overcoming obstacles and surpassing expectations! More Than a Baby Mama is about triumphs!I don't know about you but I know that my accomplishments were not done all on my own. I have an amazing group of… Continue reading What Would I be Without you?