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The Importance of Paying it Forward.

I am a sap! If it is a heartfelt video on social media designed to give you all of the feels. I will watch it. I am a sucker for a happy story.

I stumbled across a video of Fox 5 Las Vegas surprising  Ms. Ella a 72 year old woman who raised her children, grand children and is now raising her 6 great grand children! Check out her story here.  This woman has been pouring love into 3 generations of children. That takes a huge heart!

Watching this made me want to talk about the importance of helping others. I  wanted to share my thoughts on why helping is so important. Because without the kindness of others my life would look a lot different today.

When others help you the world seems brighter. Your situation doesn’t feel as dismal.

So if you can help somebody, Help! and If you need help, tell somebody!

Check out my video below to get more on how others helping me throughout my life impacted who I am today!

Happy Friday Everyone!







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