Little Passports!!

I am so excited to share with you Little Passports.

Aviry was gifted this awesome subscription service through his Grandma for Christmas. Aviry was gifted the Science Expeditions Kit. 

We received the first kit in January and were very excited to start learning about forensic science. The first kit included. A fingerprint experiment, DNA Extraction and Spatter Studies! Cool!

Each kit so far has had 3 experiments. We have only done one experiment from our January kit. Which was us taking our fingerprints and examining our similarities and differences.

February’s kit was about Aero-Dynamics! Aviry was so excited about this kit! The first experiment we did was the Ball Launcher! These kits are great for little ones. The instructions are easy to follow and Aviry only needed my help one time. Aviry was so excited to begin the next experiment which was making a hovercraft, I was pretty impressed. The experiments are fun and its so nice to see the fruit of your labor.

He can not wait to try to build the Mini Rocket Launcher!

I love how each month is a surprise for Aviry. He LOVES getting mail and Aviry is an iKid who loves technology. He thinks all of the experiments are so cool! He also likes to see the improvement in the experiment after he does it again.

We are so excited to have enrolled in this exciting subscription service. I will keep you all updated on our experiments and videos!





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