You ever have one of those weeks that feel like you are going so hard that you haven’t had a second to think?? This has been one of those weeks. Well actually weeks. I have been running like a cheetah caught on fire. I. am. tired. I don’t know if there are any other women who do this. I know I do. I feel guilty when I am tired. I feel guilty when I take a moment for my self. I feel guilty when I’m busy and have to take my son to my moms house day after day.  I know that I’m not the only young mother thats running at 300mph. I have close friends who feel the same way. Becoming a mother at a young age can already be extremely daunting. When you are a young mother who wants to be the best full time mom she can be as well as a . Career woman. Student. Girlfriend. Wife. Housekeeper. Teacher. Friend. Actress. In shape. Entrepreneur. Whatever it may be. It can be draining. So. Draining. I write this to not complain, I write this to say that its possible to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. This is possible ONLY if you take care of yourself. Take care of your mental health. Eat right. Take care of your body. Pray. Meditate. Read a book. Utilize positive relationships. Tell your brain its ok to slow down!

I pride myself in being able to overcome so many obstacles, I pride myself in having grit. I enjoy defying the odds and not falling into every stereotype that society has wanted to put me in. But I wouldn’t be able to do any of this replenishing without a solid team behind me rooting for me wanting to see me win. I value my friends and family for that. I couldn’t do half of what I do with out them.

I am wanting us to unite. Help your tired friend. Reach out a hand. Lets work together to reach goals that are hard on our own, but easy to accomplish as a team. Lets bring back potlucks and having kids over to take a load off of a friends back. Call your friend check on your friend.  Lets help each other. The world isn’t always on our side. It’s time we start helping each other out.

Pass this along to a friend. Let it be your way of saying “I see you girl. Working hard for the money and chasing your dreams, you need anything? I got you! ”

To all my fellow tired ladies out there. Lets take a nap.


2 thoughts on “Tired!”

  1. I feel your pain girl. I have 3 boys and under 5 and damn they are exhausting! My youngest is 2 and does not sleep through the night yet. What I would do for a full 7 hours kip.


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