American Dream What it means for this Millennial Mom.

I stumbled across another depressing article filled with statistics on what its like to be a young adult today. Millennials have it pretty rough.  According to this article on CNBC 46% of millennial have NO SAVINGS! This isn’t a blog post of me offering advice on how to save money. This is an I am frustrated post.

I think it’s terrible that being a millennial is synonymous with little to no savings. Pretty confusing healthcare. Very little home ownership and staggering amounts of student debt.  As a millennial mommy I cope with these depressing facts through funny memes,  gifs, a pinch of denial and to hoping just  that one day a wizard will come down erase my student debt and provide a job that pays a livable salary and dare I say it offer… A work life balance… 

But let me stop because now I am being a whiny millennial who has the nerve to feel  entitled to be able to pay all her bills, have affordable healthcare, a quality education for her son,  dare I say it save money!

I really don’t want to come across as whiny, but it’s so frustrating when you don’t know what the hell is going on anymore in the world  and all you want to do is get your life together!!

I know that I am doing whatever I can for myself and my family to ensure we will have a comfortable future.  It means taking conflicting advice, just winging it and hoping that the future will be better for us and our children. I don’t want to sound too bleak, I do know that we are going to be alright, this has to be and will be resolved. Millennial’s will never live in squalor, we wouldn’t let that happen to each other.  Although I will admit at times the journey has been frightening.

I say this because I really hope that I have my shot at the “American Dream”.  I should. I have earned it. Sometimes it’s just hard and it can be tiring. I hope my work is not in vain. That’s the scary part.  I just want what everyone else before me was able to get especially since most of it was built on my ancestors backs.


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