I Quit

I did it. I quit.

I  removed myself from a place where I felt the most stifled I had ever felt in my life. The feeling in my chest was indescribable, The tightness would creep in the longer I sat in slow-moving traffic, counting the minutes until I would run into the office to avoid being late, hungry and needing coffee. I didn’t like my job. I felt as if I were signing away my freedom.

Many times I had the urge to drive past my job and never come back in. In this particular daydream I would take the day off,  get a nice breakfast at some cute place downtown, read a good book, the kind of book that makes you laugh and cry all in a day. I would then go to the gym, pick my son up from school early and dinner would be ready by 7.  Oh yeah, and the house is always spotless in this daydream.

A girl can dream right?

I wasn’t feeling stifled because I had to work. I was stifled from the work that I was doing. Listen I’m not insane. Of course I can’t take off from my responsibilities, wear yoga pants and eat ice cream all day.  Of course I can’t go to brunch every morning and go workout all before 12 noon during the week.  I know this.

So I did the next best thing.

I quit my job to work in my passion, This would also mean a pay cut, but I do not regret it at all. Working in my passion has freed me from the feeling of being stifled, smothered, and bored. Work feels like opportunity, creativity and innovation.  Does this mean I expect all sunshine and rainbows moving forward? Not at all. I am now required to have more grit than ever. I am working for ME now, and that will require more blood, sweat and tears than ever before. But through all of the blood sweat and tears every success, no matter how big or small feels victorious, and I love that feeling.

” Then the day came when  the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom”

-Anais Nin

Written in response to the word prompt Stifle.

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