Snow Dayz!!!


Snow. Ice. Cold. Yeah it’s winter. Yippee! Born in the Windy City, I have a love / hate relationship with the snow. Maybe Its me, but I feel all Chicagoans have a pretty big ego when it comes to their ability to endure the snow. I constantly brag about memories of myself as a young girl and  the journey to school wearing 3 pairs of pants, 2 sweatshirts and a snow suit that left me with little visibility and no peripheral vision. I loved snowball fights, building snowmen and staring up at the sky as I created snow angels, then after I was just too cold I remember coming into a warm house and the smell of my moms cooking.

As an adult the snow loses it’s appeal pretty quickly.  The second you are forced to wake up when its dark, go into the freezing cold, scrape ice off of your car, only to drive on slippery streets filled with high risk drivers, and the salt that keeps us safe all while destroying the finish on our cars casts a grey shadow over the once pristine white snow. That my fellow Mothers and Baby mamas is why I hate the snow.

I told you it was love hate. The memories of my childhood are the reasons I LOVE a good snow day.  So I have chosen to share some Snow Day Ideas.

My favorite snow day activities for Aviry and I.

Pancake Art! Aviry is a Youtube kid. He doesn’t have a favorite Movie star. He has favorite Youtube stars. We discovered a video of Pancake Art. So of course we decided to try it! Its So simple. You just need pancake mix. (From the box, or scratch if you’e feelin fancy) and food coloring.

You simply divide the mix into bottles or bowls evenly and add food coloring. This part is really fun for the kids because they get to make their own custom colors!

To cook the pancakes we use a griddle. A flat service makes a great canvas.

Allow the Griddle to reach the correct temperature and begin to make artwork! Its quick and fun as well as a great way to get older kids comfortable in the kitchen.

Music and Dancing, If it can’t be warm outside, we can at least listen and dance to music that reminds us of the summer. My go to song right now is Havana by the super talented Camila Cabelo

Another fun activity is of course sledding! Find your nearest hill grab a sled and have a blast!

If you’re little one is anything like Aviry he wouldn’t be able to handle a snow day without some uninterrupted technology time. I know that technology is the way of the future but I often would worry about his obsession with the need for screens. Because of that I am happy to say I have found a solution with Amazon!  Check out Amazon FreeTime Unlimited TrialIts perfect for kids, allows parents to sneak in educational activities and the kids have no idea you were able to squeeze some schoolwork into their snow day!

Now another activity is winding down with a warm drink. It could be hot chocolate, tea, A hot toddy with really nice whiskey… (Ahh). Anywho one of the best ways to commemorate a snow day is through hot chocolate. . After you have snuggled up with your cup of hot cocoa and a good book. Take a moment to take advantage of the chance to take a pause in your busy week and enjoy some time with your loved ones!

What are some of your favorite snow day activities?

I would LOVE Ideas, because the way it’s looking in the midwest. I am going to need more ideas! ; )

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