What Would I be Without you?

More than a Baby Mama is not just about the struggles! (everybody got em!)  This blog is also about overcoming obstacles and surpassing expectations! More Than a Baby Mama is about triumphs!

I don’t know about you but I know that my accomplishments were not done all on my own. I have an amazing group of people in my life who have helped me EVERY STEP of the way. With out my support system. I would never know what free time feels like, I wouldn’t have experienced the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you receive a college degree. (Yay NKU!)  I would not know have experienced amazing moments on stage.  I have been blessed to have a support system that helps give me a sense of balance and accomplishment. For that I thank you all so much.

With that I want to highlight a few members of my support group.

Mom, I love the way you will drop whatever it is you are doing to help me, I truly love and appreciate you taking such a huge part in raising Aviry. You do this not only to help me, but because you love Aviry.

Carlos, I love your relationship with my son, you have such an amazing way of connecting with Aviry, you never came on too strong and you never tried to be his ” new dad”. You just put yourself into the shoes of Aviry and really worked to understand him, so much so he likes the toys and snacks you pick better! You help teach him work ethic and respect.

Israel, What a great and amazing dad you are. When we call you are there. Before I have to call you are there. You are getting old (ha) and I love how much you love our son. I am grateful that Aviry has you in his life to show him what grit and determination looks like.

Asia,  Ms. Steward and the Entire Paternal and Maternal side of the family! I Love you all so much. I would not have made it through college with out you!! I would not have known what a weekend out felt like without you all. I appreciate the love and care you all have for Aviry and the sense of family you have instilled into him. Asia you literally brought Aviry EVERYTHING when he was first born! Thank you! I tell him that story because I want him to know he was loved before he even got here.

To my family who would give their last to make sure Aviry is always happy, healthy and safe. My brothers who are always there for us.

To My FRIENDS. What would we be without each other? (Fellow baby mama’s May I suggest finding friends who are also baby mama’s? It’s the best. Except when you have a babysitter and they don’t) My friends and I help each other out! We will babysit for one another, we motivate and encourage one another and we hold each other accountable!

There are too many people I could add to this list, but its getting late and I should try to rest, to every professor, mentor and coworker. I’m sorry I cant name you all individually but you know who you are, and it has not gone unrecognized!

I am so grateful for my support system.

Words can not express my gratitude!

Thank you!

If I become a millionaire. Im buying you all houses in true Oprah Fashion! ” You get a house! You get a house and you get a houssseeeee!!

I promise.

I know that not everyone has a support system, I know many single moms who need that support system, a break, or just someone to talk to and I encourage you my fellow baby mamas to start helping one another. Lets create support groups, Lets lift one another up.

What are some ways you can help your fellow baby mama? I would love ideas!

To any of my fellow baby mamas if you need a hand or want to explore expanding your support system feel free to connect.  Also, make sure you take a moment to tell your support system thank you!

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